Welcome to Sri Lanka

With its first recorded tea estate dating back to 1824, Sri Lanka celebrates 200 year of tea production by continuing to bring us some of the best grown, picked and cared-for teas.

From that, we have curated a selection of teas from across the subcontinent that stands amongst the finest the country has to offers.

Uplifting the community

Sri Lanka's tea sector also actively engages in community development projects, including education, healthcare, and infrastructure improvements, to uplift the livelihoods of tea workers and surrounding communities. Through these efforts, Sri Lanka demonstrates a steadfast
commitment to sustainable and ethical practices, ensuring the longevity and integrity of its tea industry for future generations.

Focus on sustainability

Sri Lanka has made significant strides in promoting sustainability and ethical practices within its tea industry. One initiative, the "Ceylon Tea Carbon Neutral" campaign, aims to reduce the carbon footprint of tea production by implementing eco-friendly practices such as reforestation, energy efficiency improvements, and waste management strategies.

This, along with various certification programs, ensure that tea production adheres
to stringent environmental and social standards, promoting biodiversity conservation and fair treatment of workers.