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Chaozhou Suixian

Chaozhou Suixian

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Chaozhou Suixian is a famous oolong tea from the Guangdong province in China. Its name comes from the Suixian Temple in Chaozhou, where it is said to have originated. The tea is known for its rich, mellow flavor and delicate aroma, which is said to be reminiscent of orchids.

In terms of appearance, Chaozhou Suixian tea leaves are tightly rolled and dark green in color, with a glossy sheen. The brewed tea has a clear, golden color and a smooth, velvety texture.

To brew Chaozhou Suixian tea, it is recommended to use a gaiwan or small teapot. The water temperature should be around 95°C, and the tea leaves should be steeped for around 20-30 seconds for the first infusion, with subsequent infusions being shorter. The tea can be steeped multiple times, with each infusion revealing new layers of flavor and aroma.

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