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Matcha Powder

Matcha Powder

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Introducing our Culinary Matcha, a bright green powder with an intensive grassy aroma and a hint of seaweed. The ready-made tea boasts a bright bouquet with fresh-cut grass and seaweed hints. Its intense, sharp, and fresh aroma is followed by a full-bodied and viscous taste with a silky texture, barely perceptible grassy bitterness, and a juicy aftertaste that lingers.

To prepare, put 2g (2 chashaku scoop) matcha powder in a tea bowl, then pour 30 ml of hot water (80℃) over the powder and whisk it with a chasen. Add 40 ml of water more, continuing to whisk until high foam forms. Drink the matcha immediately as it cools down it gets bitter.

This vigorous tea has a smooth texture and is rich in fresh leaf-green flavor. It's perfect for both strong koicha and light usucha, making it a brilliant choice for those who prefer tea with a flavor that is distinct, but not overwhelming.



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