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Silver Tips

Silver Tips

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Grown and handpicked in Nuwara Sri Lanka, this tea is produced using only the newest, most tender buds. The unique growing conditions of the Nuwara region, with its high altitudes and cool temperatures, contribute to the distinct flavour and aroma of the tea.

Our Silver Tips tea offers a pale golden hue and a smooth, subtle flavor with hints of floral and fruity notes. Its low caffeine content makes it the perfect choice for a soothing and relaxing tea experience at any time of day.

We source our teas as close to the original producer as possible, while other brands are often multiple steps removed from the original producer, our Sri Lankan supplier works directly with the farms with no others in between, ensuring as much profit as possible goes to the people growing and blending the teas, and keeping these communities thriving.

In addition to this, a portion of our sales goes to Rainforest Trust UK, to do what we can to protect endangered species and threatened habitats across the world. Each cup you enjoy places 25sqm of endangered land under protection, so you can enjoy your tea knowing you're helping the environment, and the communities of those growing the tea.

Tea Type : Ceylon Silver Tips White Tea

Origin : Nuwara Eliya - Sri Lanka

Aroma : Sweet, Floral, Herbal

Flavour : Subtle, Sweet, Herbal

Ingredients : Ceylon White Tea



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