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Our Radella Black Tea, sourced from the misty hills of Sri Lanka's Radella tea estate, offers a rich and flavorful brew that embodies the essence of the island's tea-growing heritage.These leaves, with their dark color and glossy appearance, are a testament to the pristine natural environment and skilled craftsmanship of the local tea farmers.
With its bold and robust flavor profile, this tea promises to deliver a satisfying and indulgent experience, capturing the essence of Sri Lanka's renowned black teas with every sip.

Radella unveils a smooth and full-bodied character, accompanied by robust malty undertones that linger on the palate. Its flavor profile is further enhanced by sweet caramel notes, providing a delightful contrast to its rich and earthy base. Subtle hints of citrus, reminiscent of orange or bergamot, add a refreshing brightness to the cup, while delicate spicy undertones contribute depth and complexity.



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