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Xianbin Yesheng Hong Cha

Xianbin Yesheng Hong Cha

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Introducing Xianbin Yesheng Hong Cha Yunnan Gongfuhong "Xianbin" ("Champagne"), an extraordinary and rare tea from Fengqing (Linсanп County, Northwest of Yunnan Province) made from the first leaves and buds of wild mushucha (mother plants) of Fengqing Da Ye variety. The tea is processed using standard red tea technology with special care.

This tea is hard to come by as it is mainly made to order by the local administration for presentation at official ceremonies. It is also known as Dongfang Xianbin or Oriental Champagne outside of China.

Xianbin's appearance is thin, lilac-brown flagella of twisted leaves. The fragrance is deep, fruity with spicy hints. The liquor is transparent, with meadow honey shade.

The ready-made tea has a refined, warm, and multifaceted bouquet with fruity, spicy, woody, honey, and citrus notes. The fragrance is deep and warm, calming, while the taste is rich and full-bodied, delicate, slightly tart, sweetish, with light citrus sourness and lingering finish.

Brew this tea with hot water (95°С) in a gaiwan or a porous clay teapot using 4g per 100 ml. The first steeping takes around 6-8 seconds, followed by short steeps (just for 2-3 seconds), increasing steeping time for each subsequent step, if necessary. This method can be repeated up to 9 times.

Xianbin Yesheng Hong Cha Yunnan Gongfuhong "Xianbin" ("Champagne") is a refined, bright, and multifaceted tea that is perfect for a special occasion or a unique tea mood.



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