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Yokomine Sencha

Yokomine Sencha

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Yokomine Sencha, harvested in spring 2020.

In appearance, the tea features thin, dark green tubes of twisted tea leaves. The fragrance is intensive, with grassy notes and a hint of nuttiness. The liquor is transparent, with a bright yellowish-green shade.

Upon brewing, the tea offers a fresh, grassy bouquet with a nutty note. The fragrance is intense and grassy. The taste is refined, full-bodied, and sweet, with a pleasant tartness and a lingering aftertaste.

For the classic Japanese brewing method, simply put 2 g of tea per 100 ml in a teapot, add hot water (70°C), and let steep for 45-60 seconds before pouring into a cup. You can steep the tea up to three times, with the second steeping for 30 seconds and the third for 15 seconds.

Yokomine Sencha is the perfect choice for those seeking a juicy and bright taste without any astringency or bitterness. It's a great way to recharge.



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