What are Collections?

This year we're introducing our Regional Collections, where we bring you quality tea from around the world.

Each collection contains a selection of teas which we have curated to represent the unique terroir of each region we select. We believe these teas exemplify the unique characteristics of their environment, and the people who make them.

Due to the variable nature of tea, weather, soil, and other natural factors, some of these teas will not be the same from year to year, so you can be sure there will always be something new to try.


Georgia Collection

Our new collection comes from the high mountains in the region of Guria, Georgia, where high mountain fresh air meets the sea breeze.
Sourced from rehabilitated fields from the 90's, these teas are hand-picked and made with traditional methods, resulting in unique and complex flavors.

Come explore our Georgian Collection

Introduce Sri Lankan collection

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Come explore our Sri Lankan Collection