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Crafted in homage to the Danish town of Aarhus, renowned for its summer allure, our Aarhus Tea celebrates the vibrancy of sunny days and leisurely moments. Blended in Nuwara Sri Lanka, this tea encapsulates the essence of vitality and relaxation.

This tea embodies the rich traditions of tea cultivation while offering a refreshing twist with its fusion of fruits and aromatic accents. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, Aarhus tea invites tea lovers to savor the essence of summer in every sip.

This tea offers a harmonious blend of flavors that provides the satisfying depth of black tea and apples, adding refreshing fruity undertones. The tartness of hibiscus petals adds a lively tanginess, while the aromatic hints of orange and quince elevate the experience with their bright and citrusy notes. Together, these ingredients create an invigorating brew that balances sweetness, tartness, and citrus freshness, making it a delightful afternoon tea.



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