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Named after the Danish city of Helsingør, renowned for its historic charm, Helsingør Tea is a captivating blend crafted and blended in Nuwara Sri Lanka.

The blend features a carefully curated selection of black and green teas, expertly combined to create a harmonious fusion of flavors. Delicate rose petals, apple pieces, and pear pieces infuse the blend with natural sweetness and floral notes. Silver tips contribute to the tea's exquisite texture, enhancing the overall experience.

This tea is a harmonious blend of black and green teas, adorned with delicate floral and fruity accents. The bold black tea paired with the fresh green tea offers a balanced base. Rose petals lend subtle floral notes, while apple and pear provide natural sweetness and crispness. Silver tips impart a silky texture, elevating the tea to a luxurious level. Pomegranate and vanilla aromas add depth and complexity, creating a truly enchanting flavor profile.



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