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Hua Bai Cha 357g

Hua Bai Cha 357g

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Introducing Hua Bai Cha White tea from Fujian province, harvested in 2020. This tea is presented as a medium-density teacake that effortlessly breaks into large brown leaves with thin cuttings, silvery-gray buds, and yellowish flowers. Its fragrance is floral-herbaceous while the liquor is transparent with a light amber hue.

The ready-made tea boasts of a multifaceted bouquet with floral-herbaceous notes, hints of raspberry leaf, dried fruit, and cranberries. Its fragrance is bright, floral-and-berry. The taste is full-bodied, sweetish, and spicy, with a berry sourness and refined bitterness that lingers in the finish.

For the perfect cup, steep the tea in hot water (80-90°C) using a porcelain gaiwan or a porous clay teapot with a proportion of 5g per 100 ml. The first steeping should last for approximately 15 seconds. After that, do short steeps (2-3 seconds) and increase steeping time for each subsequent step if needed. You can repeat steeping up to 12 times.

Experience the refreshing and mildly relaxing effect of Hua Bai Cha White tea from Fujian province, harvested in 2020.



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