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Kabuse Sencha

Kabuse Sencha

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Introducing Kabuse Sencha, a unique Japanese green tea from the spring harvest of 2021. The name "kabuse" originates from the Japanese verb "kabuseru," meaning "to shade." Like gyokuro, this tea is also sheltered from sunlight during the growing season to enhance its aroma, reduce astringency and increase theanine content. However, unlike gyokuro, Kabuse Sencha uses a protective fabric that directly covers the tea bushes and is shaded for 3 to 10 days, occupying an intermediate position between gyokuro and sencha.

In appearance, the tea boasts thin, dark-green tubes of twisted leaves and fragments. The fragrance is intense, with a grassy-floral aroma and a hint of nuttiness. The infusion is slightly cloudy with a bright green shade.

The aroma of the ready-made tea is fresh and grassy-floral, with a nutty note. The fragrance is tender and grassy-floral, while the taste is refined, full-bodied, and sweet, with a pleasantly tart, lingering, sappy aftertaste.

Kabuse Sencha is an excellent choice for those who enjoy a bright and juicy taste without any bitterness or astringency. It's perfect for recharging your energy levels and filling you with cheerfulness and optimism.



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