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Gunpowder Green

Gunpowder Green

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Our Gunpowder Green Tea, sourced from Nuwara Sri Lanka, offers a uniquely bold and refreshing brew that embodies the island's rich tea-growing tradition. The leaves, with their characteristic gunpowder-like appearance, are a testament to the skill and expertise of the local tea artisans who carefully process each leaf to preserve its freshness and flavor.
With its crisp and invigorating flavor profile, this tea promises to deliver a revitalizing and satisfying experience.

Gunpowder Green Tea offers a crisp and clean flavor profile, with a pleasant vegetal taste that is robust and refreshing. The tea's smoky undertones add depth and complexity to its character, providing a nuanced contrast to its bright and grassy base. Subtle hints of nuttiness add a layer of richness to the overall experience.



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