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Sri Lankan Earl Grey

Sri Lankan Earl Grey

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Our Sri Lankan Earl Grey Tea, sourced from Nuwara Sri Lanka's tea estates, offers a sophisticated and aromatic blend that pays homage to the island's esteemed tea-growing heritage. Infused with the fragrant essence of bergamot oil, these leaves exude a tantalizing aroma that is both citrusy and floral.

With its bold and aromatic flavor profile, this tea promises to deliver a refined and indulgent experience.

Earl Grey tea delivers a harmonious blend of robust black tea and the citrusy brightness of bergamot. The tea's base provides a rich and full-bodied character, with malty undertones that serve as a solid foundation for the aromatic bergamot oil. The citrusy notes are vibrant and refreshing, adding a burst of flavor that cuts through the richness of the tea, creating a balanced and satisfying experience.



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