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Slim Biodegradable Paper Filters

Slim Biodegradable Paper Filters

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Finum's Slim paper filters are incredibly useful for anyone who is making tea on the go, or simply prefers to use a paper filter. These filters are small and perfect fo smaller teapots or cups.

These filters are made from abaca pulp, a sustainable fiber from the abaca plant, cellulose, and sealing fiber. The paper is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, uses no glue, and is bleached without chlorine. 

This tea filter can be used without a filter holder as the easy-fill flap facilitates the removal of the filter after brewing. The flap helps prevent mess while filling with tea and is super handy. It can also be closed if one is using a Finum Filter Stick, Tea Clip, or Tea Click.

This filter is also handy for making coffee or holding aromatics used in cooking.

Each box comes with 100 filters

  • Chlorine-free bleached white paper aromatreu®
  • Ideal for mugs, cups, pitchers and pots
  • Easy-fill flap
  • Pleated bottom allows tea expansion
  • Biodegradable
  • Length: 155 mm
  • Width:  75 mm



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